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OceanLED Dock Lights

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EZ Dock is excited to introduce OceanLED Dock Lights for use on EZ Dock or other dock systems. This unique dock lighting product offering includes lights that can be mounted above and below the water to provide both security and ambience while adding another dimension to your waterfront space at your home, marina, or restaurant.

OceanLED Dock Lights are maintenance free and provide 40,000+ hour lamp life. Now you can create a powerful lighting system without the limitations of traditional Halogen and Xenon underwater lighting alternatives. OceanLED Dock Lights come in 5 super bright colors (blue, white, green, red and warm white) and three configurations shown below. We offer various mounting systems to ensure a professional looking installation.

3 configurations for OceanLED dock lights

OceanLED Dock Lights are injection molded in Delnaeco Polymer, a state-of-the-art Polymer that is resistant to almost all known solvents and adhesives. These lights use a unique Tritonium coated glass lens that has been specifically developed to inhibit barnacle buildup and ensure the polymer light lens can not be scratched like other plastic underwater lights. The lights can be mounted below the waterline to create the amazing halo effect from underneath the dock or they can be mounted above the waterline to shine down onto the water surface. OceanLED Dock Lights are factory sealed making it impossible for them to leak, condensate or corrode. With OceanLED Dock Lights you never have to change a bulb which eliminates the problem of contaminants getting inside the light and corroding the light fixture from the inside out.

In summary, OceanLED Dock lights:
  • may be used above or under water
  • offer a variety of colors and sizes
  • safe, low heat, low voltage 12-24v DC operation, including solar
  • low power consumption and 40,000+ hour lamp life
  • small size with unique mounting options and simple installation
  • latest LED technology - all electronics are built directly into the OceanLED Dock Lights - no need for an external LED driver
  • a green lighting solution that will provide many years of security and entertainment
So if you are looking for a completely trouble free dock accent lighting solution, OceanLED Dock Lights are the most versatile lighting product available on the market.

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picture of solar light from the toppicture of solar light in various colors
picture of solar light from the toppicture of solar light in various colors
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